Just got back from Iran!

After spending New Year’s in the Islamic Republic of Iran, I am getting back on top of my life.  Blogging will continue shortly.

In short, I had an amazing time and I recommend it to everyone.  My travel agent, Ace Vacations, did a fantastic job securing the visas, as well as planning and executing the travel agenda.  

A more detailed description of my trip will come soon.

On an unrelated note, I also just visited Turkmenistan. My country count is now at 44.


5 Responses to “Just got back from Iran!”

  1. jafar kheirkhahan says:

    I am an Iranian researcher in economics and politics. I heard through Frederic Sautet weblog that you are on the way of Iran. it is a good fortune for me to meet you. plz inform me about tour schedule. happy new year

  2. Andy says:

    It there is an open border crossing into the Kurdish area, you can try that. I’ve heard that it is relatively safe.

  3. Curtis Melvin says:

    Dear Mr. kheirkhahan,

    Sorry we were not able to meet up. I had a very full itinerary and was rarely in one place ver long, and rarely took the time to check email.
    I will be coming through again soon, and will be happy to work out something in advance.



  4. Curtis Melvin says:


    Traveling in Iran was totally safe and a great experience. The people are exceptionally friendly and generous. I recommend it to everyone. I will be posting my experiences soon.


  5. Kenji says:

    yay!! finally your back, there was a drought of interesting DPRK info.