DPRK moves accounts to Russia

From AFX News on Yahoo:
NKorea opens bank accounts in Russia to dodge US sanctions – report

TOKYO (XFN-ASIA) – North Korea has opened about 10 bank accounts at Russian financial institutions in an effort to secure fund flows now blocked by US financial sanctions, the Sankei Shimbun here reported at the weekend.

The newspaper, quoting sources who it described as being close to North Korean affairs, said senior North Korean officials were transferring their funds through the accounts.

Thi is part of Pyongyang’s efforts to escape pressure from the US, which has moved to freeze North Korean funds it claims are the profits of drug trafficking, money laundering and other illegal activities.

Washington is aware of North Korea’s money flows through the Russian banks and it may step up pressure on the Russian authorities to abandon such support for North Korea, the newspaper said.

North Korea has warned the United States it will take ‘all necessary counter-measures’ against Washington for increasing the the pressure on North Korea through financial sanctions.

In November, Pyongyang walked out of six-way talks on its nuclear ambitions after Washington accused a Macau-based bank of helping Pyongyang launder earnings from fake US currency, and told US financial institutions to stop dealing with the bank.


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