Kim Jong Il Gives On-Site Guidance to New Pyongyang Taesong Tyre Factory


General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave on-site guidance to the newly built Pyongyang Taesong Tyre Factory. The factory has a total floor space of more than 2,000 square meters and all its production processes are automated.

After being briefed on the factory in front of a huge painting showing a panoramic view of the factory, he went round various production processes to learn in detail about its construction and production there.

Watching tyres being manufactured through streamlined production processes and automated workshops, he expressed satisfaction over the successful construction of the factory. It is a great achievement that constructors have built the factory meeting the need of the new century in a short span of time, he said.

A rapid increase in the number of vehicles requires the increased production of different kinds of tyres, he said, underscoring the need to boost the production of tyres of diverse sizes.

Noting that an effective use of the existing production capacity would make it possible to increase the manufacture of tyres, he called on the factory to wage a vigorous drive to operate in full capacity so as to keep the production going at a high rate and, at the same time, raise the quality of products, while paying attention to the maintenance of equipment and technical management.

Praising the workers of the factory for keeping its inside and outside neat and tidy, he said that the working class in the DPRK should take the lead also in introducing the culture created by soldiers in the Songun era.


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