Rainbow Trading Company Selling DPRK currency

Well, I dont know how, but my personal email address has been on the distribution list of the Rainbow Trading Company…a Tokyo based shop that specializes in North Korean art and books.  The owner, Jun Miyagawa, does not seem to be Korean, and I have never spent more time in Tokyo than to pass through several times on my way to the countryside.

Still, I just thought I would let you know that he is selling a complete set of North Korean Currency (1,5,10,50,100,200,500,1,000,5000W) for $66.50.

If you add up all of the denominations, you get 6866Won.  Using the market exchange rate of 3,000W=$1USD, the sum value of these notes is $2.28.  This is a markup of 2816% (not including postage).

Remember this when you purchase North Korean currency from ebay.  Also, When I was visiting, I was told that they have trouble with counterfiters in China.  It is likely the money you are buying has never been to the DPRK, unless it is from an actual visitor that you can verify.


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