China puts army on Korea border

I suspect this has more to do with DPRK emigration than anything else…. 

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

The Chinese Government says it has transferred control of its border with North Korea from the police to the People’s Liberation Army.

But it is refusing to confirm media reports that it has also sent 150,000 combat troops to the border area in recent weeks.

A number of Hong Kong newspapers have reported that the extra troops were being deployed to seal off the border, and put pressure on the North Korean Government to end its nuclear weapons programme.

According to China’s foreign ministry, the change in border command is nothing out of the ordinary, and has in fact been planned for years.

But the timing seems more than a coincidence.

In recent months, China has become much more explicit in demanding that North Korea must end its nuclear weapons programme, and Beijing is growing increasingly frustrated by Pyongyang’s intransigence.

Talks hosted by China last month to try and break the deadlock over Pyongyang’s weapons programme got nowhere.

Few now doubt that China is actively preparing for every eventuality, including that of a possible North Korean collapse.


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