“Defeat of the Military Spirit is Greater Hardship Than Economic Poverty”

Daily NK
Park Hyun Min

In its editorial on the 27th, the Rodong Shinmun, North Korea’s state newspaper, strongly encouraged the populace on the integrity of Military First policy.

This newsgroup argued “Our invincible revolutionary army will first of all make our country flourish in riches” and “Though many countries have perished because of a weak army, no country has ever collapsed because of starvation.”

This claim has risen amid expectation made by the WFP following North Korea’s nuclear experiment, which predicted that as international sanctions intensify and North Korea exhausts all its autumn harvest in which it is currently living off, by next year April, the country will be hit by sever starvation.

The newsgroup stated “We earnestly hope for prosperity and putting all things aside, it is blatantly obvious that we need to take deterrent forces” and strongly justifying indirectly the nuclear experiment. “Accomplishing prosperity another countries’ way is stupid fantasy. Our revolutionary army is national sovereignty and our military-first spirit is autonomy. This is a historical fact that cannot be changed.”

Further, the newsgroup stated “We are in a generation where today the nation’s economic power is influenced by developments made in national defense” and emphasized “The construction of national defense will soon be economic construction and the power of national defense will soon be economic power. Prioritizing and putting the development of our national defense first is the best way in developing our economy.”

Further claims were made “The greatest tragedy to our nation is not economic obstacles or poverty in a materialistic lifestyle but the defeat of our mind.” This is propaganda as a result of a recent situation for “anti-socialism” that is arising within North Korea and attempts by the regime to control this commotion.

The newsgroup added “The fact that we were successful in conducting a cutting edge nuclear experiment with only our strength and our wisdom simply goes to show the potential of our technological advancement” and “while living at the beginning of a strong military period, supporting Kim Jong Il is the pride and fortune of our people.”


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