Switzerland “Not Sell Watches to N. Korea from 26th”

From the Daily NK
Yang Jung A

Swiss government started to impose a sanction on N. Korea from 26th, following the U.N resolution.

On the 25th, Othmar Wyss, Deputy head of Export Controls and Sanctions of Switzerland,in an interview with RFA(Radio of Free Asia) said that, “Luxury goods exported to N. Korea are just watches, which amounted for 16,000 dollars from January to September this year and amounted for 237,000 dollars last year.”

Compared to the amount of luxury goods exported to other countries, it was very small. But since the Swiss-made watches are for controlling important figures of Kim Jong Il, the sanction is expected to influence the Kim Jong Il regime.

‘Kim Il Sung’s commemorative watches’ that the names of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are carved have begun to be awarded to the Party officials who contributed to the regime and were convention participants since 1972. N. Korea demanded to carve date and name in Korean when it ordered Omega, Rolex and Lanco from Swiss. N. Korea had imported a significant number of watches even during the food crisis of the late of 90’s.

The embargo items that Swiss government imposed a sanction on are caviar, wine, tobacco, luxury clothes, carpets and fur overcoats, electronic appliances, cars and watches. In addition, the items that are able to be used for producing both of the Weapons of Mass Destruction and of civil cannot be imported. Computer software and mechanical equipments amounted for around 400,000 dollars.

According to information received from ‘Swiss Watch Industry Association’, N. Korea had imported 24,000,000 dollars of watches from Swiss from 1995 to 2004.


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  1. houda kobissi says:

    hi i have omeiga watch signed by the leadear kim il song god bless him .1972 which is signed by him.i would like to sell it if intrested send me e-mail to send the picture and make a deal.
    thank u for reply.