Skilled North Koreans in Russia

According to Yonhap:

The number of skilled North Korean workers in Russia has jumped 2.8-fold in the first nine months of this year compared to 2012, a report showed Tuesday.

The report by Radio Free Asia that used data provided by Amur Oblast showed 762 cases of work permits being issued to skilled North Koreans in the cited period. Of these, 34 involved permits for specialized workers with considerable technical expertise.

The Washington-based media outlet said the sharp on-year increase is in contrast to the incremental rise in the number of work visas issued for menial laborers, which grew by just 2.2 percent to around 1,700 cases.

Pyongyang has been sending workers to Russia to help the country earn hard currency, with most being hired by Russian logging companies.

The North and Russia held government-level talks on Nov. 12 to facilitate the movement and employment of North Korean workers.

Read the full story here:
Number of skilled N. Korean workers in Russia surge this year: report


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