More than 1,700 DPRK workers in Mongolia

According to Yonahp (via Global Post):

A total of 1,749 North Koreans are working in Mongolia with most of them employed in the construction sector, a news report said Wednesday.

The number of North Korean workers, tallied at the end of April, accounts for the second largest foreign workers’ group in the central Asian country, after the Chinese, the Washington-based Radio Free Asia said, citing Mongolia’s labor ministry. The figure represents North Koreans legally working in the country.

Chinese workers in Mongolia stood at 5,976 as of end-April, it said.

Given that most foreign workers in Mongolia are employed in the construction industry, the majority of the North Korean workers are presumed to also work in the sector, the report said.

A previous report by a Mongolian newspaper has quoted a North Korean laborer in the country as saying that an average North Korean worker receives US$600-700 in monthly wages there.

The report reflects the two countries’ recent efforts to tighten economic ties.

The Mongolian oil firm HBOil JSC announced last month that it has acquired a 20 percent stake in the North Korean oil refinery Sungri. Mongolia also expressed its hope to rent a North Korean seaport while Choe Thae-bok, the chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly, was visiting the country in November last year.

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Yonhap News AgencyJuly 2, 2013 23:01
More than 1,700 N. Korean workers employed in Mongolia: report
Yonahp (via Global Post)


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