Rason energy growth to come from China

According to Yonhap:

China is expected to start supplying electricity to North Korea’s special economic zone in June as part of their joint development efforts there, a news report said Tuesday.

China-based Yangbian Internet Radio said the Chinese city of Hunchun, which is close to the border with the North, will make efforts to establish joint economic projects, including the electricity supply plan.

The news outlet said preparations for the plan to supply electricity to the Rason Special Economic Zone, located in the northern tip of North Korea, will be complete in June. The Chinese city also plans to build a bridge and road.

Since last year, Chinese media outlets have said the supply plan marks the first case of China’s state-run electricity agency providing electricity to a foreign nation and aims to help build up infrastructure in the North Korean special zone.

Experts said China may continue its economic cooperation projects in the North’s east coast region as they are part of the country’s efforts to secure a commercial stronghold in the East Sea despite rising tension over the North’s Dec. 12 nuclear test.

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China to start electricity supply to Rason economic zone in N. Korea


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