NATO intercepts DPRK weapons shipment

This time the shipment was headed for Eritrea.  According to the Sudan Tribune (2011-5-11):

NATO Naval forces have reportedly captured a heavy weapon carrying cargo ship destined to Eritrea in the international waters of the Indian Ocean.

A UN monitoring group report this week revealed that the cargo originally shipped from North Korea was carrying 15 tonnes of rockets, surface to air missiles and explosives worth $US15 million.

In December 2009, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Eritrea, which include an arms embargo, travel restrictions and a freeze on the assets of its political and military leaders for an alleged involvement in training and supplying weapons to Al-Qaida and links Somali Islamic rebels.

It also turn out that there is a UN arms embargo on the DPRK as well, which I suppose  is not as big a deal in the Sudanese press.

Here are previous posts on the DPRK’s arms shipments.



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