KPA Journal No. 1, Vol. 10, 11, and 12 published

Joseph Bermudez, military analyst for Jane’s Intelligence Review and author of The Armed Forces of North Korea, has published the 10th, 11th, and 12th issues of his very fascinating KPA Journal.

You can download them all below (PDF):

KPA Journal No. 1, Vol. 10 -Articles include: “KPA Lessons Learned from Foreign Conflicts 1960-Present, Part II,” “Ri Chun Hui, the Voice of KCTV,” by Michael Madden, “Kim Jong-iI Issues Order on Promoting Military Ranks,” and “Vice Marshal Jo Myong Rok Dies,” by Michael Madden.

KPA Journal No. 1, Vol. 11 – Yonpyong Island shelling Part I

KPA Journal No. 1, Vol. 12 – Yonpyong Island shelling Part II

Mr. Bermudez also published some declassified documents which are all available here.

Previous issues of KPA Journal can be found here.


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