DPRK food aid runs out next month

According to Bloomberg:

United Nations food aid to North Korea will run out the end of next month following a drop in international donations after the country detonated a nuclear device, the World Food Program said.

“We have resources to carry us through to June,” Lena Savelli, a Beijing-based spokeswoman for the UN agency, said in a telephone interview today. “We quite urgently need more donors to come forward and give us resources.”

The agency is in talks with donors on how to extend the program as it seeks to continue operations, she said. Kim Jong Il’s regime has relied on outside aid to feed its 24 million people since the mid-1990s when famine caused by floods, drought and economic mismanagement is estimated to have killed as many as 2 million people.

The aid shortfall may put further pressure on Kim following a botched currency revaluation late last year and tougher UN Security Council sanctions after a second nuclear test in May 2009. The Council should also consider the totalitarian regime’s human rights violations to force changes, Vitit Muntarbhorn, UN special rapporteur on North Korea’s human rights, said in a May 1 interview in Seoul.

“It’s a very helpless situation, sadly, for the people,” he said. “Given that the Security Council is the law- enforcement organ of the United Nations, it’s incumbent upon them to take it up,” said Muntarbhorn, 57, whose six-year term as the official for North Korea, expires in June.

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North Korea’s Food Aid Will Run Out Next Month, UN Agency Says
Bomi Lim


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