Friday Fun: DPRK movies, KFA, and Air Koryo


Hero of the the Commoners


One Photo (Part 1)


One Photo (Part 2)


Shiny Morning (part 1)shinymorning.JPG Shiny Morning (Part 2)shinymorning.JPG

The Miraculous Sound of Love


Cartoon- A Kum Rangakumrang.JPG

Also, Alejandro Cao de Benos has published his own book in Thailand.  According to the KFA web page the book, Korea, the Songun Citadel, was recently published in Bangkok, Thailand. With 148 pages and first edition of 500 volumes.

I am not sure when volume 2 of 500 will be published.

And finally, Skytrax has ranked Air Koryo as the world’s only 1-star airline.


3 Responses to “Friday Fun: DPRK movies, KFA, and Air Koryo”

  1. Mark Fahey says:

    If you enjoyed the “Creepy” video you may want to check out the gem I recorded off Korean Central TV and placed up on YouTube a few months ago…

    Mark Sydney Australia

  2. I bookmarked Even though I don’t know the language, I was still able to get the gist of some of the North Korean videos. As for the “Creepy” video, let’s just hope that those cute, well-fed North Korean tykes eventually see their country outgrow Juche and join the rest of the world.

  3. By all means, please post more fascinating North Korean films. Would it be possible for anyone to provide English subtitles?