Truth Revealed behind Companies in Kaesung

Daily NK
Kim Yong Hu

Kaesong.jpgCompanies in Kaesung Delegate Management over to North Korea

Most of the factories in Kaesung Complex are facing financial problems, a report on the “Situation on 22 factories in Kaesung Industrial Complex” revealed by the Forum for Inter-Korea Relations.

According to the report, most of the companies in Kaesung Complex are facing entrepreneurial difficulties due to restraints in contracts and inadequate resources.

The Forum for Inter-Korea Relations (co-representative Kim Kyu Chul) has been monitoring the South-North economic cooperation. The forum released a report on the 15th which revealed that two companies leasing areas in Kaesung, Moonchang Industry and SJ Tech were facing management difficulties and handed over the right of management to North Korea’s managers. The companies have invested a total of 9bn won.

The Forum bases its evidence on result provided by legal representatives for the 22 companies in Kaesung, collected over a period of 2 years and a North Korean document on the business circumstances in Kaesung to collect difficulties of South Korean managers.

Mr. Kim said, “We confirmed through representatives of two companies leasing areas in Kaesung Complex, Moonchang Industry and SJ Tech that problems were being experienced due to insufficient human resources and freedom of enterprise” and revealed, “Moreover, these companies are facing such severe management difficulties that they have apparently designated the right of management over to the North.”

Regarding this, Director of SJ Tech Lim Hwang Yong said in a conversation with the DailyNK on the 15th, “There is absolutely no evidence to the claim that the companies in Kaesung have handed their business permits over to the North,” strongly denying the act. Similarly, an affiliate of Moonchang Industry commented that the claim was groundless.

In addition, many companies such as Sonoko Cuisineware, Daehwa Fuel Pump, Bucheon Industrial Company made large investments in equipment to manufacture and produce goods, but then again some companies are known to have begun other production such as paper folding. In order to recover from the entrepreneurial ditch, another company has begun manufacturing shopping bags. The total amounts invested by these companies exceed around 17bn won (US$18.3mn).

Regarding this, an affiliate of Sonoko Cuisineware said, “We are merely using our pre-existing equipment to manufacture shopping bags.”

Furthermore, according to the document, a shoe manufacturer Peace Company is using it’s materials initially designed for shoes to produce slippers as it faces management problems during this time. It seems that Peace Company is not able to utilize 100% of its factory materials due to a lack of human resources. Meanwhile, Samduk Comapny has actually made a loss of $1.8mn as a result of 10 different claims made following its entry in Kaesung complex.

Other companies including TS Precision, JC Com, Solu Tech, Magic Micro, HOSAN A.C.E which based their manufacture on electrical parts are currently deliberating in producing other goods, as the goods were found to be below standard due to lack of training and skills by North Korean workers.

An affiliate of TS Precision said, “Our company asked that the workers have basic understanding of maths and English. But no matter how many times we teach the North Korean workers, they do not understand” and revealed, “Currently, only a third of the factory is in operation, while the other materials are being considered to manufacture other goods.”

Lee Hyun Suk of JC Com said, “It is true that the produced goods are of low quality. This is because North Korean workers lack skills as a result of inadequate training” and asserted, “It has been two months since we asked for workers but still we have not been provided with the workers demanded.”

However, he added, “In order to overcome this issue, we are training the North Korean workers ourselves” but refused to comment on whether other goods were being considered for manufacture.

Of all the businesses experiencing management difficulties, Artrang, Pyongan and Sonoko Cuisineware are known to be preparing factory leases.

Mr. Kim revealed, “Companies finding it difficult to increase production with the original factory equipment are known to be leasing areas to other companies.”

He added, “Not only is it illegal for businesses to manufacture goods other than the items listed in the initial contract, it is also illegal to lease the areas to other companies.”

In relation to this, an affiliate of Sonoko Cuisineware said, “Companies other than Sonoko Cuisineware are using the location but after receiving a permit from the Ministry of Unification” and remarked, “However, these companies have not leased the area to help recuperate mismanagement but are rather producing goods needed for our business.”

On the other hand, 7 other companies are showing a glimmer of hope as they conduct regular operations. These companies include Good People, Shinwon, Cotton Club, Taesung Industrial, Sunghwa Trading, Jeil Sangpum and Grubig International Co.

Mr. Kim said, “Though many outsiders perceive Kaesung Complex as a success, the truth of the matter is that most of the companies are experiencing hardships” and asserted, “Unless management, employment, personnel and freedom of contract increases, it is unclear whether these companies will or will not succeed.” 


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