China-DPRK trade Zone II

Updated from an Earlier Post.

From the Daily NK:

China-N. Korea, Slow Progress in ‘the Tumen River Free Trade Region’ Construction
‘Road-Ports Integrating Plan’ Disappeared… because of Passive Attitude of N. Korea 
Han Young Jin, Reporter

On the 21st, ‘Chizingsbao’, a website related to Chinese investment, reported that the projects to construct ‘the Tumen River Free Trade Region’ and integrate ‘Road-Ports’ have faced problems because of North Korea’s passive attitude.

In the article ‘Slow Progress in N.Korea-China Free Trade Region Construction’, this website illustrated that, “A half year ago, the projects to construct free trade regions for foreign trades in Tomen and integrate “Road-Ports between China and N. Korea” had been hot issues. Yet now nobody talks about them.”

China has ambitiously carried out the project ‘Integrating Road-Ports between China and N. Korea’ that links Najin Port to Hunchun City adjoining three countries North Korea, China and Russia to reinvigorate foreign trades.

In the meanwhile, Tumen City has set up building ‘N. Korea-China Free Trade Regions’ in Rodongja district of Namyang, North Korea.

Cheng Guoli, vice-director of the Department of Temen Commerce, stated that, “We already got an approval to build free trade regions from the government of Jilin. As we know, officials of Onsung district also consented on the free trade region construction and reported to the North Korean government.”

However, he said that, “We have been waiting for a certain action of North Korea, yet until now no progress”.

In the website, Cheng Guoli revealed, “Tumen City will contract the construction of free trade regions to one company,” yet adding “revealing the name of the company is premature”.

Hunchun City also is in the same situation. Donglim Public Economic Trade Corporation promoting the project ‘Road-Ports between China and N. Korea’ revealed that, “We have prepared the construction of the integration, yet North Korea has not taken any actions for that.”

Donglim Public Economic Trade Corporation that was entrusted with the ‘Road-Ports between China and N. Korea’ made a contract with Nasun People’s committee, North Korea last July, and Bosae Public Incorporated Corporation of Hunchun Economic frontier also jointed the construct.

Donglim Public Economic Trade Corporation had set up the Huchun-Najin road construction under the collaboration with Design Center of Hunan University. It was to build a second rank road at 48km in length, yet North Korea did not even start on the construction yet.


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