Economic aid and the 6/2006 missle test

From the Joong Ang Daily:

In Seoul yesterday, Lee Jong-seok, the unification minister, told the opposition Grand National Party’s interim leader, Kim Young-sun, that it would be “difficult” to continue economic aid to North Korea if it tested a missile.

But he said that Seoul’s action would be “limited sanctions” only. He did not elaborate, except to say that operations at the Kaesong Industrial Complex would not be affected.

North Korea has asked for 450,000 tons of fertilizer this year, of which 150,000 tons has been already been delivered. Another 200,000 tons is being readied for shipment.

A Unification Ministry official said plans to ship the remaining 100,000 tons of fertilizer and shipments of rice could be withheld if the North’s missile lifts off. “We have told the North that there will be consequences and we are firm on this,” the official said.


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